Mordor-Tours – digital collage

June 23, 2022

If anyone is interested we will be running bus tours into Mordor this summer – don’t miss your chance to picnic on the plains in front of Mount Doom. The local Mayor has asked that visitors refrain from throwing jewellery into the fires of the mountain as it is clogging up the plumbing.

Beams – digital collage based on 1495 painting

June 9, 2022

Beams – a digital collage using the painting Portrait of a Youth, c. 1495/1500 by Agnolo di Domenico del Mazziere or Donnino di Domenico del Mazziere, part of the National Gallery of Art, Washington DC collection: I chuckle to myself, wondering what this Florentine artist would make of me digitally cutting up his artwork…

Marauders Tea Party – digital collage

May 30, 2022

Digital collage featuring some of the most memorable Mad Max villains having a nice afternoon together – Immortan Joe, Lord Humungus, Rictus Erectus and Wez. I wanted to include Toecutter as well but all of the screenshots of him were too low quality.

Star Wars films reimagined as Pulp Novels

May 9, 2022

I’ve been getting really into vintage pulp illustrations lately and came across the work of artist Timothy Anderson who reimagined the original Star Wars film trilogy as a series of pulp novels: The Purloined Plans, The Princess and the Scoundrel, and The Damsel of the Dune Sea. You can purchase prints of Timothy’s work (and…

Happy Star Wars Day!

May 4, 2022

In honour of Star Wars Day, this May 4th, I knocked up this digital collage fake film poster for an imaginary Star Wars spin-off standalone movie, set after the original trilogy, called Greedo’s Last Shot. I imagined a revenge movie featuring a resurrected and heavily modified Greedo, coming for revenge against a middle-aged Han Solo…